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Feasts for the Kingdom
Sermons for the Liturgical Year

PAPERBACK; Published: 8/29/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8303-2
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38 homilies for holy days throughout the liturgical year
The liturgical year centers on the story of Jesus—his birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. To attend to the feasts of the church is to enter into the life of Christ. Khaled Anatolios invites us into this perpetual mystery with thirty-eight homilies for the feasts of the church year.
As a patristic theologian, Anatolios illuminates the traditional doctrines of Christology and the Trinity, in a style reminiscent of the sermons of the great fathers of the church. Originally delivered as part of the Eastern Christian Divine Liturgy, the homilies look toward its Eucharistic fulfillment. Feasts for the Kingdom covers Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and other important holy days along the way. Also included are sermons for a federal election, funerals, and a wedding. This volume makes the perfect companion for pastors seeking inspiration for their own preaching and for ordinary Christians aiming to enrich their prayerful preparation for each liturgical season.

Table of Contents

Byzantine Liturgical New Year 
     1. Christ, our Beginning 
     2. Christ, our Today 
Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross 
     3. The Lure of the Cross 
     4. Boasting in the Cross of Christ 
Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple 
     5. Mary’s Self-Dedication to the Lord 
Christmas Season 
     6. A Crippled Humanity Awaits its Salvation 
     7. How to Excuse Yourself from the Kingdom of God 
     8. The Dismal Failure and Unimaginable Success of the Human Race 
     9. The Birthday of God
     10. Baptism into Trinitarian Life 
     11. The Manifestation of Christian Glory 
     12. Let Us Baptize Christ! 
Lent I 
     13. The Iconography of Christian Discipleship 
     14. Guilelessness and Being Beguiled by God 
Feast of the Annunciation 
     15. Mary, our Guide to a Lent “full of grace” 
Lent II 
     16. Last Sunday before Covid Shutdown 
     17. Drinking from the Cup of Christ 
Palm Sunday 
     18.The Human Judgment of God 
     19. Why the Donkey? 
     20. The Joy of Christ 
Great and Holy Friday 
     21. Loving the Compassion of Christ 
     22. God’s Falling in Love 
     23. Saved by a Broken Heart 
     24. The New Song of the Cross 
Easter Vigil 
     25. Life Unmixed 
     26. He is not Here, He is Risen 
     27. Be Realistic, Christ is Risen! 
Easter Season 
     28. The Peace of the Resurrection 
     29. Only Love Can See the Risen Lord 
     30. Our Life’s Ultimate Goal: Loving Christ 
     31. We Have our Hearts with God 
     32. Unwrap the Gift of the Spirit 
     33. The Difference the Spirit Makes 
     34. The Glory of Christ in his and our Suffering 
     35. Mary, Exemplar of the Glory of our Humanity 
Election Homily 
     36. Voting in Christ: Evangelical Counsel Before a Federal Election 
Funeral Homilies 
     37. Who is David Burnett? 
     38. In Communion with Gary Knoppers 
Wedding Homily 
     39. The Voice of the Bridegroom and the Voice of the Bride