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Romans, vol 1: Man's Ruin
Exposition of Bible Doctrines
POD; Published: 1/20/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8361-2
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245 Pages
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Romans is based on Donald Barnhouse’s renowned series of radio broadcasts on the epistle from 1949 until his death in 1960. Demonstrating the author’s acute understanding of Romans and heart for effective preaching, these classic studies reverently expound even the most difficult passage in a clear way. Examining the Letter to the Romans phrase by phrase, Barnhouse elucidates the Scripture with reference to both its immediate context and the Bible’s overarching truths. Barnhouse’s zeal for a universal appreciation of the epistle fuels his commentary and invites all readers into a deeper understanding of the life-changing message of Romans.

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition
I The Point of Departure
II Bondslave and Apostle
III The Gospel of God
IV The Man Christ Jesus
V Jesus Christ, Jehovah God
VI The Trinity
VII Grace and Apostleship
VIII To the Saints
IX The Communion of the Saints
X A Church Conspicuous for Its Faith
XI Unanswered Prayer
XII The Human Spirit
XIII Strengthened by Faith
XIV Debtors
XV Not Ashamed
XVI To Every One That Believeth
XVII God’s Righteousness
XVIII The Just Shall Live by Faith
XIX Life by Faith
XX The Wrath of God
XXI Wrath Revealed
XXII Power and Godhead
XXIII The Path of Degradation
XXIV The Ways of Death
XXV God Gave Them Up
XXVI A Reprobate Mind
XXVII The Depth of Sin