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Illuminations Commentary Series

Series Editor: C. L. Seow

The Illuminations Commentary Series is an innovative resource for all who are interested in engaging the Bible in depth. The author of each volume employs the full range of biblical scholarship to illumine the text from a wide variety of perspectives, including the engagement and impact of the text through the centuries.

The volumes are designed to be accessible and enjoyable. To that end, discussion of each portion of the text begins with the author’s introduction, written fluidly and with minimal use of foreign languages, technical jargon, reporting of alternative proposals, and citations of secondary literature. Most readers may find it sufficient to read this portion and turn to the following material only for reference.

The commentary that follows the introduction provides a thorough accounting of the text in its original language and an engagement with other scholars. With both the introduction and commentary sections, each volume in the Illuminations series offers a big-picture understanding of the biblical book in question without sacrificing scholarly depth.