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The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research
Essays on the Status Quaestionis
POD; Published: 4/10/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4824-6
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Compiled in honor of Bruce M. Metzger, the most highly respected American textual critic in the history of the discipline, this volume comprises twenty-two full- length essays on every major issue relating to New Testament textual criticism, each written by an internationally recognized scholar in the field.

Volume 46 in the Studies and Documents series, founded by Kirsopp and Silva Lake and edited by Eldon Jay Epp, The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research focuses on important advances made in textual criticism during the past fifty years due to manuscript discoveries and refinements of methodology. Each essay is designed to present an overview of the current state of knowledge with respect to a wide range of important topics: Greek manuscripts, the early versions, patristic citations, studies of scribal habits, approaches to manuscript classification, the use of computers for textual criticism, recent apparatuses and critical editions, methods for evaluating variant readings, and the use of textual data for early Christian social history.
R. McL. Wilson
—St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, Scotland
"This volume, produced in honor of Bruce M. Metzger, is a worthy tribute to a scholar of acknowledged distinction. We have manuals of textual criticism in plenty, but there is need for the occasional survey of the status quaestionis to complement them by reviewing the current situation when omission of some of the details necessary to a manual may leave room for consideration of the results that have been achieved and the tasks that remain to be done. This book fulfills that function very well."
Raymond E. Brown
—Union Theological Seminary
"A very helpful, up-to-date treatment of this very difficult topic. These contributions by recognized scholars are worthy of the great scholar the volume honors."
Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J.
— The Catholic University of America
"This collection of essays, written by a group of outstanding scholars, presents a remarkable survey of contemporary research on the Greek text of the New Testament. It treats not only the papyri, manuscripts, and early versions but also the patristic witnesses to the text, and it discusses well all the modern methods and tools used in the textual study of the New Testament. One could not look for a better survey of these topics."
M.-� Boismard
—�cole Biblique et Arch�ologique Fran�aise, Jerusalem
"An essential reference work for all those interested in the textual criticism of the New Testament, whether they be beginners in the field or experienced research workers."
Larry W. Hurtado
—University of Manitoba
"An encouraging sign of the continuing vigor and interest in New Testament textual criticism and a boon to the larger field of New Testament scholarship. . . . In a time when textual criticism is all too often terra incognita for many New Testament scholars and graduate students, this volume is an especially important contribution that should be in the collection of every research library and within reach of every New Testament scholar."