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Is It a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church's Children
Having the Heart of God for the Church's Children
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/19/1997
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4373-9
Price: $ 18.00
264 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
Is there a difference between children who have grown up in the church and those who have not? Why does it seem that many of the church's young people make the same choices as the rest of the world about their sexuality, their use of money and time, their attitudes toward work, and their flippancy and cynicism? Are churches helping parents nurture and raise children with Christian faith and moral character?

Marva Dawn raises these questions in this book. Dawn challenges congregations, pastors, youth leaders and parents to take a hard look at what is happening to today's youth. In a society where Christianity is no longer the dominant culture, the task of raising children with Christian life habits, integrity, and faith is far more demanding than ever before.

Is it A Lost Cause? is a wake-up call. Drawing on thirty years of experience working with young people, Dawn encourages congregations, pastors, and parents to embrace the church's children with the moral authority, motivation, love, healing, hope, and home for which everyone searches. Dawn insists that we can indeed raise our children to look, act, talk, and think like people who are shaped by faith and offers specific suggestions for the necessary formation process.

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"This book is a must for all who have the heart of God for the church's children."
Trowel & Sword
"Highly recommended for those who want to know why our world today is so different from that of twenty or thirty years ago. . . This one should be in every church library and on every Pastor's bookshelf."
Christian Counseling Today
"Biblical . . . evangelical in tone . . . thought provoking. . . Dawn argues that raising children with a heart for God is not a lost cause, but she avoids simplistic guidelines for parents and Sunday School teachers. . . Helpful for any counselor who works with children or with parents who are concerned about their children's values and futures."