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Toward the Future of Reformed Theology
Tasks, Topics, Traditions
POD; Published: 12/23/1998
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4467-5
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Toward the Future of Reformed Theology brings together the voices of leading contemporary Reformed theologians from around the world, providing a unique summary of the range and wealth of Reformed theology today and exploring its potential for the future. These thirty-one essays consider the task of Reformed theology in the modern world, give Reformed perspectives on key theological themes, and suggest fruitful present-day trajectories of Reformed thought from the past.

Brian GerrishM
Janos Pasztor
Nobuo Watanabe
Choan-Seng Song
Edmund Za Bik
Wafiq Wahba
John de Gruchy
Jürgen Moltmann
Michael Welker
Beatriz Melano
Thomas Torrance
David Willis
William Placher
Alexander McKelway
Leanne Van Dyk
Christian Link
Lukas Vischer
Walter Herrenbrück
Nancy Duff
Hans-Joachim Kraus
John Leith
Willem Balke
Hans- Helmut Esser
Dawn DeVries
Jan Milic Lochman
John Hesselink
Sang Hyun Lee
Amy Plantinga Pauw
Bruce McCormack
Daniel Migliore
Eberhard Busch
Reformed Review
"This collection is especially rich in terms of its scope, the quality of the pieces, and the ease with which one notes the varieties of issues that are dealt with by the contributors. . . This volume is a substantial resource showing contemporary Reformed thinking and probing many trajectories for the contributions Reformed thought can make in the future."
Religious Studies Review
"Willis and Welker have brought together here a collection of very engaging essays exploring Reformed theology today—its nature and its prospects. Strengths of the book include its openness to fresh visions and new ways of being Reformed. This is demonstrated in the breadth of perspectives and contexts represented in the articles. There was a concerted effort to take the discussion beyond the confines of the Euro-American circle of conversation and to experience the vitality of Reformed theology in the wider global context. . . This work is a helpful resource for all those who would better understand Reformed identity in all its plurality and complexity. It is a sufficiently interesting and accessible work to be of use not only in academic settings but also in local churches with theologically inclined laypeople."
Hervormde Teologiese Studies
"This volume is a must for every Reformed theologian. We have here contributions to Reformed theology of exceptional quality and importance. . . It must be read again and again."
Francis Sch�ssler Fiorenza
—Harvard Divinity School
"The contributions assembled in this volume are unsurpassed in breadth and depth. In addressing key issues and central questions, today's leading Reformed theologians provide an indispensable resource not only for Reformed theology but also for other Christian traditions. These contributions uniquely combine theological retrieval with a creative sensibility to the tasks facing the churches and theology today, thereby illuminating the tradition in its relevance for present and future concerns. Highly recommended for anyone seriously reflecting on the significance of Christian faith in our diverse contemporary world."
Thomas W. Gillespie
—Princeton Theological Seminary
"This volume demonstrates the vitality and comprehensiveness of the theological task when pursued intentionally from within a particular tradition. Clearly, Reformed theology has a promising and productive future."
Wallace M. Alston Jr.
—Center of Theological Inquiry
"An ambitious and urgent project. In gathering together the authors and perspectives included in this volume, the editors have given us a representative presentation of the continuing viability of the Reformed tradition. I predict that the appearance of this volume will begin a process of reconstituting the Reformed identity in situations where it has been reduced to a whisper, of establishing a community of Reformed scholarship on a global scale, and of exploring new avenues of ecumenical conversation and relationships."
Miroslav Volf
—Yale Divinity School
"A smorgasbord of veritable delicacies prepared by some of the best theological chefs in the Reformed tradition."