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God and the Victim
Theological Reflections on Evil, Victimization, Justice, and Forgiveness
POD; Published: 11/17/1999
ISBN: 978-0-8028-4546-7
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322 Pages
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"As Christians read this book, the topics of evil, victimization, justice, and forgiveness may disturb their comfort. Poignant questions address God's sovereignty and goodness, the power of evil on Earth (don't overlook the chapter on Cain and Abel), and the fact that God will not always protect us from earthly harm (see Hebrews 11). This book, which includes an extensive study guide, is a cry to Christians to take seriously the call of the story of the Good Samaritan to 'love your neighbor as yourself.' A victimized neighbor needs our practical, loving care as much as our theologically right answers. Maybe the discussions here will persuade us to yield to our Savior's call to 'go and do likewise."
The Other Side
"Public debate about crime usually pits victims against victims. One side points to the horrendous injustices that give rise to crime, and to the corruption and racial and classist biases of our criminal system. The other counters that such arguments ignore the deep needs of those whose lives are forever altered by the crime. In this polarized context, God and the Victim is a daring attempt to address the needs of crime victims while avoiding political camps. It is focused on ways Christian communities can support those wounded by crime and includes a chapter-by-chapter study guide. The contributors work thoughtfully with Scripture and personal experience to lift up a wholistic view of community restoration."
Journal of Religion and Society
"The book's purposeful attention to the lives of real people and compassionate grappling with tough questions of justice, forgiveness, anger, grief, theodicy, repentance, responsibility, and healing make it an engaging and robust resource. It is highly recommended for those who wrestle with the profound challenges to faith and life that come with crime and its aftermath."
Clergy Journal
"Offers many concrete ways in which those of the faith—the church—can assist those who are victims. . . This book will be helpful to those who are pastors and counselors for people whose lives have been invaded and altered by offenses against themselves or their property."
"For a thought-provoking treatment of crime and Christianity's response, God and the Victim is a treasure."
Theology (UK)
"This is a thoughtful, thought-provoking book, an excellent study guide and resource to stimulate discussion and reflection."