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The Church Under the Cross
Mission in Asia in Times of Turmoil
PAPERBACK; Published: 5/24/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6614-1
454 Pages
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Series: The Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America (HSRCA)

The Church Under the Cross: Mission in Asia in Times of Turmoil is the illustrated two-volume account of Wendell Paul Karsen's more than three decades of cross-cultural missionary work in East Asia.
In one sense a missionary memoir of Karsen's life and ministry in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia, the work also chronicles the inspiring story of the Christian communities Karsen served - churches which struggled to grow and witness under adverse circumstances throughout years of political turbulence and social upheaval.
Lim Chhiong-hwa
— Taiwan Theological Seminary
"Taiwan's first two periods of missionary endeavor, under the Dutch (seventeenth century) and under the umbrella of the British Empire (nineteenth century), were tainted by colonial exploitation. The third period (post-World War II) included courageous missionaries like Wendell Karsen, who stood beside the Taiwanese people in their struggle for democracy and human rights. In his book, Karsen vividly traces the development of the Taiwanese people and of the struggle of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek's regime."
Charles Weber
— Wheaton College
"Karsen's engaging and inspiring account describes his interesting, meaningful life and offers perceptive insights into the cultures and events in which he was involved, placing his life into the larger social context of important political and social events in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. It provides significant insights into the history and cultures of his missionary endeavors while also highlighting the crucial role of Christians and the church in these changing political and social circumstances."
Tso Man-king
— Hong Kong Christian Council
"Wendell Karsen faithfully ministered to the people of Hong Kong for almost two decades. He successfully integrated education, economics, politics, social services, ecology, and Christian ethics into that ministry. This book reflects his insight, scholarly research, analytical skills, and abilities as a writer. His Christian perspective is clear and unambiguous, always standing in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed."
Roger Greenway
— Calvin Theological Seminary
"This book deals with the social and political turmoil that many Asian churches experienced in the second half of the twentieth century and how an American missionary stood in solidarity with them. It enlarges our appreciation for what it means to be a conscientious Christian in a very convoluted world and is a gold mine of information, insight, and inspiration."