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The New Evangelicals
Expanding the Vision of the Common Good
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/3/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6640-0
288 Pages
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Documentary portrait of Christian evangelicals who have "left the Right"

Over the past forty years the Religious Right has largely spoken for America's evangelicals. But this groundbreaking book by Marcia Pally reveals the "new evangelicals" -- a growing movement that espouses antimilitaristic, anticonsumerist, and liberal democratic ideals and promotes poverty relief, immigration reform, and environmental stewardship. Combining shrewd analysis with numerous fascinating interviews, Pally creates a compelling snapshot of a significant trend that is likely to impact American politics for years to come.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Marcia Pally on EerdWord.
José Casanova
-- Georgetown University
"Marcia Pally's book opens an insightful and sympathetic window into the world of the 'new evangelicals,' capturing their voices, their beliefs, and their practices. . . . Makes a compelling case for a subtle yet profound and, most likely, long-lasting shift in evangelical political culture."
Harvey Cox
-- Author of The Future of Faith
"We clearly need a book like this that breaks the damaging stereotypes of evangelicals, and Marcia Pally's fine book does it splendidly with an artful mixture of history, analysis, description, and interviews. . . . Enlarges and deepens the vital discussion of religion in America today."
Nadine Strossen
-- Former President, American Civil Liberties Union
"A groundbreaking study of America's religio-political landscape. Believers and secularists alike will be moved and challenged and will learn much from Pally's explanation of the issues, her field research, and the compelling interviews that show 'new evangelicals' to be sensitive and sophisticated thinkers on some of today's most pressing political and economic questions."
Conor Cunningham
-- University of Nottingham, England
"A wonderful, exciting intervention on the stage of evangelical Christianity. . . . Highly recommended."
Journal of Church and State
"In her insightful, crisply written book, Marcia Pally brings the readers 'up close and personal' with the new evangelical while providing theological and historical context against which to understand them."
Living Church
"Pally provides a fresh study of an oft-discussed group in the American religious landscape. Yet she allows evangelicals to speak for themselves rather than putting words in the mouths of individuals represented by plots on a graph or numbers in a table."
Religious Studies Review
"Pally's robust and informative analysis provides a well-researched overview of the diversity within contemporary American evangelical Christianity. . . . The overall quality and depth of this volume . . . makes this a very worthy addition to religion and policy research."
Choice (American Library Association)
"Historians, political scientists, and students of American culture and religion should all find this analysis engaging and even eye-opening. Highly recommended."