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Light from Light
Scientists and Theologians in Dialogue
PAPERBACK; Published: 1/31/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6667-7
256 Pages
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In this volume renowned scientists and theologians discuss the concept of light as understood by modern physics and employed by biblical and patristic writers. Light from Light deepens readers' understanding of light as posited by recent cosmological and physical theories, drawing connections with "light" as a theological metaphor. Striking glimpses into new scientific developments offer additional insight and interest.

Markus Aspelmeyer
John Behr
Marco Bersanelli
Robert W. Boyd
David Brown
Robert Dodaro
Michael Heller
George Hunsinger
Mary Ann Meyers
Gerald O'Collins
John Polkinghorne
Andrew M. Steane
Kathryn E. Tanner
Kallistos Ware
Anton Zeilinger
Robert John Russell
-- Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS)
"In this fascinating volume both scientists and theologians discuss the concept of light in their respective fields and find points of contact through viewing light as both metaphor, analogy, and symbol. I am delighted to recommend Light from Light to scholars as well as those interested in a readable account of the interactions between theology and science."
Theological Studies
"A good example of the fruitful disciplinary dialogue between the natural sciences and theology that enriches both communities and the educated public."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"A valuable gateway to understanding the concept of light. There appears no other collection which offers such a rich sampling of work on the topic and the issues it naturally invokes."
Church Times (UK)
"A model of the kind of integration of science and theology which looks confidently past some of the stale arguments between science and belief. . . . Each contribution is an elegant and erudite engagement with this theme from a different perspective."