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Called to the Life of the Mind
Some Advice for Evangelical Scholars
Richard J. Mouw
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POD; Published: 11/27/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6766-7
Price: $ 11.99
80 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5 x 8
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A personal, conversational discussion encouraging Christian scholarship

"I wasn't supposed to spend my life in the world of scholarship," Richard Mouw acknowledges at the beginning of Called to the Life of the Mind. Yet he has indeed spent his career in the academy — and has become one of the most widely respected evangelical Christian scholars of our time.

In this wise little book Mouw defends Christian scholarship as an important and legitimate endeavor, responding in particular to those traditions that continue to be suspicious of intellectual pursuits. Writing in an inviting, conversational style, Mouw reflects candidly on the faithful Christian cultivation of the life of the mind and offers gentle advice on how Christians, especially evangelicals, might fruitfully navigate the world of the academy as followers of Jesus.

Read more about this book in a blog post by its author, Richard J. Mouw, on EerdWord.

"Warm-hearted, edifying, and refreshing. . . . Mouw writes gentle words of pastoral encouragement, drawing on decades of experience as a Christian scholar. . . . A useful, God honouring book."
Christian Librarian
"A delightful volume that is recommended for all college and university collections."
Mark A. Noll
— University of Notre Dame
"Much to be welcomed are these wise words from a wise man about the Christian stake in wisdom. Shakespeare had it just slightly wrong — for this book, brevity is the soul of wisdom."
James K. A. Smith
— Calvin College
"Too many Christian responses to anti-intellectualism end up endorsing what Augustine calls curiositas — the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake. This marvelous little book from one of my heroes, Rich Mouw, is a distinct call for the faithful cultivation of the mind in the service of Christ. It will help a new generation to love God with heart, soul, and mind."
J. I. Packer
— Regent College
"Mouw's wise genius for Christ-honoring straightforwardness has never been better displayed than it is here."
Richard T. Hughes
— Messiah College
"A gem of a book. Reflecting on the rhythms that can sustain the evangelical scholar, Mouw works especially with `epistemic humility' on the one hand and `epistemic hope' on the other. . . . What a gift to evangelical scholars!"
Amos Yong
— Fuller Seminary
"Mouw offers advice that is not only informative but also encouraging to evangelical scholars and those considering a scholarly vocation. Herein are sage virtues needed for the evangelical scholarly pursuit."
Darrell Bock
— Dallas Theological Seminary
"A refreshing reminder that cultivating our thought life and scholarship can only be done when we also keep in touch with the Lord. These musings from an experienced Christian leader will be solid food for Christian scholars everywhere."
Cheryl Bridges Johns
— Princeton Theological Seminary
"Mouw assures us that we can navigate the perilous terrain of the hyper-critical, the fragmentation of knowledge, the isolation, all the while attending to the One in whom all reality coheres. I can hear him saying, `You can do this.' "
Roger E. Olson
— Truett Seminary, Baylor University
"Winsome guidance. . . . Every evangelical scholar will benefit from reading these essays based on a life of leadership in the evangelical academy."
The Gospel Coalition
"Jesus said the two great commandments are to love God and neighbor (Matt. 22:37-40). He also said that when it comes to loving God in particular we do so with our whole self: `with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' In Called to the Life of the Mind: Some Advice for Evangelical Scholars, Richard Mouw seeks to address the mind component of the greatest commandment."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"In this short book, Mouw packs a wealth of perceptive insights and excellent advice for young and also for more mature evangelical scholars. . . . Every short chapter will repay the thoughtful reader who reflects on the wisdom expressed. This book should be read and reread, carefully and reflectively. It is highly recommended."
First Things
"Richard J. Mouw has written a wonderful book."
Reading Acts
"Called to the Life of the Mind is a book everyone who works in academia should read. It is simple and concise, yet deeply challenging."