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The Unrelieved Paradox
Studies in the Theology of Franz Bibfeldt, 18th, or Perhaps 19th, Anniversary Revised Edition
PAPERBACK; Published: 12/6/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6978-4
286 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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Franz Bibfeldt's famously flexible theology comes to life for a new generation of readers in this revised and expanded edition of The Unrelieved Paradox, which, besides completely reproducing the original 1994 volume, contains these noteworthy added features:
  • A new preface by Martin Marty ("Not a classic!" he says)
  • Previously unpublished essays by William Schweiker, Jean- Luc Marion, James T. Robinson, and Arthur Callaham
  • Much more recent toasts to Bibfeldt by Ian Gerdon and Emanuelle Burton
  • New artwork by David Morgan

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Paul Ricoeur
"No theologian more thoroughly grasps the vicissitudes of my own hermeneutics [than does Bibfeldt]. Truly, Bibfeldt stands behind the text and in front of the text simultaneously; indeed, Bibfeldt is both time and narrative, both hermeneutics and human sciences, both Freud and philosophy. Bibfeldt, in short, is the text."
David Tracy and Schubert Ogden (joint statement)
"Franz Bibfeldt is the practitioner without peer of that ongoing conversation which simply is theology, and which can only ever become good theology as it is done in the service of endless plurality and indecisive ambiguity."
Wendy Doniger
"It was Bibfeldt I had in mind when I wrote, in Dreams, Illusions, and Other Realities, that 'various transformations may seem to take place . . . but in the end we cannot tell whether anything has happened or not.' "
Biblical Studies Bulletin
"Kudos to Eerdmans, for the republication — indeed the second edition! — of the legendary collection of essays in honor of a theologian who never existed. . . . Buy this book for all your too-serious friends."