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Karl Barth and the Making of Evangelical Theology
A Fifty-Year Perspective
PAPERBACK; Published: 1/15/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7235-7
243 Pages
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Highlights the astonishing significance of the greatest theologian of the 20th century

Swiss theologian Karl Barth traveled to the United States only once during his long career. In 1962, newly retired, he came to visit family and to deliver a series of lectures subsequently published (by Eerdmans) as Evangelical Theology: An Introduction, which remains in print and widely read to this day.

Besides recounting some delightful and poignant biographical details about Barth's two-month journey through the States, the authors of this book revisit central themes in Barth's mature theology and explore the theological and ethical significance of his Evangelical Theology.

Even more, the distinguished scholars contributing to this volume assess contemporary North American theology and show how Barth's Evangelical Theology remains as bracing, powerful, and relevant today as it was fifty years ago.
  • Contributors:
  • David W. Congdon
  • Jessica DeCou
  • Hans-Anton Drewes
  • Kevin W. Hector
  • George Hunsinger
  • Cambria Janae Kaltwasser
  • Gerald McKenny
  • Daniel L. Migliore
  • Adam Neder
  • Peter J. Paris
  • Katherine Sonderegger
Kimlyn J. Bender
— George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University
"In 1962 Karl Barth made his one and only visit to the United States. The thoughtful and insightful essays in this volume reflect upon the importance of that visit, and they further the North American conversation with Barth's theology that continues to this day. Moreover, they give evidence that the reverberations of Barth's visit have not been exhausted and provide reason to believe that his theology may have yet more to contribute to the American ecclesial experience of our time."
Paul T. Nimmo
— University of Aberdeen
"A delightful volume. . . . The authors use Karl Barth's only visit to the United States as a springboard to inspire a range of historical, theological, ethical, contextual, and current reflections. The result is a welcome series of polished, considered, insightful contributions to Barth studies in particular and to contemporary theology in general. Even more, the reader is inspired to take up anew the works of Barth. Highly recommended."
Christophe Chalamet
— University of Geneva
"From Barth's real but seldom-acknowledged affinities with Bultmann's and Schleiermacher's thought, to his 1962 travels across the United States and his relations to American academic theologians (Benjamin B. Warfield and John A. Mackay) and major Christian figures (Martin Luther King Jr.) . . . a highly commendable collection of essays by both seasoned and younger scholars."
Chronicle of Higher Education
"Writings on the Swiss theologian's two-month trip to the United States in 1962 — his sole visit to America."