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The Authority of the Gospel
Explorations in Moral and Political Theology in Honor of Oliver O'Donovan
HARDCOVER; Published: 2/9/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7254-8
316 Pages
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Cutting-edge explorations in moral and political theology

Oliver O'Donovan is widely regarded as one of the preeminent Protestant Christian ethicists of our time. His teaching and scholarship have exerted a profound influence on countless moral theologians.

This volume honoring O'Donovan shows how the various contributors — themselves distinguished scholars — have developed their own thinking through serious engagement with O'Donovan's work. Significantly, they build upon, expand, and critique the agenda for Christian ethics that O'Donovan has been instrumental in constructing. As Robert Song and Brent Waters say in their introduction, "To genuinely honor O'Donovan, one cannot remain content with reciting but must risk one's own exposition."
  • Contributors:
  • Nigel Biggar
  • Brian Brock
  • Jonathan Chaplin
  • Eric Gregory
  • Shinji Kayama
  • Jean-Yves Lacoste
  • Joan O'Donovan
  • Oliver O'Donovan
  • Robert Song
  • Hans Ulrich
  • Bernd Wannenwetsch
  • Brent Waters
  • John Webster
  • Rowan Williams
  • John Witte Jr.
  • Holger Zaborowski
Third Millenium
"Serious reading of the essays presented will be very rewarding and stimulating for those initiated."
Living Church
"A tribute to O'Donovan's intellectual interests and to the impact of his work. . . . Offers guidance to the work of this important theologian but also makes contributions to the continuing theological task."
Rowan Williams (from foreword)
— University of Cambridge
"Oliver is a difficult, enriching writer, the stimulus of whose work is excep¬tional for all those who have engaged with it. . . . The present volume is a worthy tribute to one of the most serious thinkers the Anglican family has nurtured in the last cen¬tury or so; a learned, subtle, compassionate voice, ambitious for truthfulness and obedient to grace."
Robert Song and Brent Waters (from introduction)
"Perhaps no other of [O'Donovan's] contemporaries has managed to combine so effectively a deep familiarity and love of Scripture, an extraordinary knowledge of the magisterial tradition of doctrinal and moral theology, and a commitment to the illumination of both the concepts and application of Christian ethics. . . . These essays are offered as tokens of appreciation, and given in the anticipation that further tuition lies ahead. Oliver's own postscript to the volume provides a first taste of precisely that, elaborating on the injunction: `Know Thyself!' "