The Rabbit and the Shadow
Written by Melanie Rutten
Get On Your Bike
Written by Joukje Akveld and Philip Hopman
Nile Crossing
Written by Katy Beebe and Sally Wern Comport
The Watcher
Written by Bryan Collier and Nikki Grimes
The Call of the Swamp
Written by Davide Cali and Marco Soma
The Life and Times of Martin Luther
Written by Klaus Ensikat and Meike Roth-Beck
Written by Isabelle Simler
When a Wolf Is Hungry
Written by Kris Di Giacomo and Christine Naumann-Villemin

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Though today she is known worldwide as a prolific writer, Joy Cowley started out as a slow reader. Not only did she struggle to read—she struggled to find a reason to read as she was taught a “meaningless system of fragmented language.”

Those struggles were the very thing that eventually launched Cowley’s remarkable career. As an advocate for beginning readers, slow readers, and ESL readers, Cowley has made it her mission to share the joy of story through children’s books. Since the 1970s, she has published countless for children (and also several novels for adults), and she has also served as an editor for other literary projects, including the Trade Winds series.

The Trade Winds books are an innovative expression of Cowley’s vision: they use engaging stories to introduce young readers to the world of global economy and culture. Readers can follow Wong Chung along the Silk Road in Father’s Road, melt gold into the earliest coins with Laos in Lion, King, and Coin, and move to the big, booming city with Charlie in Leather Shoe Charlie. Designed specifically for classroom use, these books feature excellent back matter and supplementary material for dynamic lesson plans.

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