Our accessibility form allows schools and institutions to request PDFs on behalf of a student with a disability. We work hard to respond to all requests in a timely manner.

Please click here for an alternate link to the request form.

Where else can I find accessible Eerdmans books?

Many of our books are available on Bookshare, a service that converts books into ebook, audio, braille, large font, and other formats. Bookshare is free for all students and can be accessed with a paid account by non-students. Additionally, your local library may have a partnership with Bookshare that would grant free access.

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled lets readers request an accessible version of a book through their state library. This service is limited to US residents.

What if I am not a student? 

If you are searching for an accessible version of one of our books, you may be able to find the book already published in ebook format. If not, we encourage you to use the form above, and we will be happy to help you find an alternative version of the text.

For any additional requests, you can contact:

Telephone: 616-459-4591