Permission is required for uses of Eerdmans material that do not fall under Fair Use guidelines. Such uses include, but are not limited to, making photocopies, inclusion on password-secured websites, and excerpting sections for republication in other works. See below for further guidelines on Fair Use and church photocopy requests.

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What is the pricing for permissions?

Fees for permissions are determined by a number of criteria, including amount of material, how the material will be distributed, and if the usage is commercial or noncommercial. Fees are established to fairly compensate our authors for the use of their copyrighted material.

How long will I wait for a response?

Due to the number of permissions requests we receive, we will need up to four weeks to respond to an inquiry, though some simple requests may be answered the week they are submitted. Additionally, a few requests are difficult to respond to because they require that we check with a third-party.

You may also request permission from the Copyright Clearance Center (US), Publishers’ Licensing Services (UK), and Copyright Licensing Agency (Australia).

Fair Use Guidelines

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At Eerdmans Publishing Company, we seek to uphold a high standard of compliance with U.S. Copyright Law and expect that those using Eerdmans material in their own articles, essays, anthologies, research, etc. will do the same. The following discussion of fair use and copyright is by no means comprehensive. If you seek further information on these subjects, please visit the United States Copyright website:

What is fair use?

Fair Use rules are U.S. and internationally recognized legal doctrine designed to authorize the reproduction of limited amounts of copyrighted works without the express permission of the copyright holder. The small amount of text must always be attributed to the source; use is never fair if the source is not noted.

Does Eerdmans Publishing Company have a Fair Use policy for quotations? 

Yes. Please note that though we include quantitative guidelines, context is more significant than word count. Please read the following guidelines carefully. They are similar to those of other publishing houses and are as follows:

  1. Types of use considered fair: quotations of Eerdmans material within your text (print, electronic media, sermons, etc.) for the purpose of criticism, commentary, definition, comparison, or illustration of your argument.
  2. Guidelines: Use must comply with all of the following guidelines.
    No more than 5,000 words, in total, from one Eerdmans volume may be reproduced without permission.
    No more than 5% of the source work may be reproduced.
    No complete poems, children’s books, or songs may be reproduced without permission.
    No more than 300 consecutive words may be reproduced without permission.
    Eerdmans material may not make up more than 5% of the new work.
    Ellipses (…) may not be used in ways that alter the ideas of the original work.
    – Eerdmans material must be properly cited in a manner that conforms to a scholarly style.
  3. Works not covered by Fair Use:
    Reproduction of Eerdmans material in an anthology, devotional volume, course reader, website, electronic database, or musical work or adaptation is not permitted without permission.
    Reproduction of Eerdmans material in a “text box,” or epigraph, where the text stands alone rather than being incorporated into the discussion by the author is not permitted without permission.
    Reproduction in which there is no suitable bibliographic citation is not permitted.
    – Reproduction of charts, maps, illustrations, photographs, or cover images is not permitted without permission.

Church Guidelines

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Does Eerdmans allow churches to photocopy material for use in Bible studies or classes? 

Yes, churches in the United States of America may make photocopies of Eerdmans material without asking permission provided the following stipulations are followed:

  1. Churches and small groups in the United States of America may photocopy up to five pages of a book for study use without asking permission for up to twenty copies. If more copies are to be made, permission must be requested through the form above.

  2. Churches may reproduce stand-alone quotations in bulletins or on documents to be shown on a screen (such as PowerPoint or overhead projectors) without asking permission provided that the source is fully documented.

  3. Groups taking advantage of this policy must include a source citation on each photocopy; if the book is in print and available for purchase, this citation must include Eerdmans’ website,

  4. Religious educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations affiliated with churches must ask permission to make photocopies using the form above.

  5. Churches outside the United States of America must request permission using the form linked above.

In any case of doubt, please ask permission:

Telephone: 616-459-4591