Our Father
Written by Barbara Nascimbeni and Rainer Oberthur
The Blue Jackal
Written by Dileep Joshi and Shobha Viswanath
Night Guard
Written by Stian Hole and Synne Lea
Written by Matt Ottley and Danny Parker
Samira and the Skeletons
Written by Camilla Kuhn
Mom, There's a Bear at the Door
Written by Sabine Lipan and Manuela Olten
One Big Family
Written by Marc Harshman and Sara Palacios

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Marco Somà’s art is shaped by the past—his own past, and the past of others before him. Somà, born in Italy in 1983, grew up in a time when children had a little more freedom to roam. He spent his childhood in the countryside, immersed in nature, and he spent evenings with his grandparents, who regaled him with tales about the Masche (fantastic creatures said to inhabit the surrounding forests). Somà took this inheritance as inspiration, creating his own stories—often featuring animals and fantastic creatures—in his own language: art and design.

Somà’s art is also inspired by the artifacts of the past—shapes and designs that may not exist anymore, but that characterized the era when they were created. This aspect of his work is certainly on display in The Queen of the Frogs, where Somà’s subtly nostalgic illustrations allude to the arts and crafts era of the early 20th century.

Somà lives and works in Cuneo, Italy. He earned a Master’s degree in painting from the Academy in Cuneo, where he now teaches workshops in painting technique and illustration. He has illustrated numerous children’s books, and his art has been featured in the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition several times (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016). Learn more about Marco Somà on his website.

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