A Pond Full of Ink
Written by Sieb Posthuma and Annie M.G. Schmidt
The War within These Walls
Written by Aline Sax and Caryl Strzelecki
Little Naomi, Little Chick
Written by Avirama Golan and Raaya Karas
Friends of Liberty
Written by Beatrice Gormley
Ready and Waiting for You
Written by Judi Moreillon and Catherine Stock
A Girl Called Problem
Written by Katie Quirk
Written by Joe Lawlor
The Chickens Build a Wall
Written by Jean-Francois Dumont
I Wish I Had...
Written by Simona Mulazzani and Giovanna Zoboli

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Katy Beebe

Katy Beebe loves books. You can tell just from the way she talks about them: "The scent of books often hangs in the air of the medieval university town of Oxford. If you walk over the cobblestones of Radcliffe Square at just the right time, the aroma of paper, parchment, ink, and glue wafts up from vents in the pavement, hinting at miles of hidden book storage tunnels just underneath the nearby Bodleian Library." Katy has spent many years studying medieval manuscripts (much like the ones Brother Hugo, the main character of her new picture book, might have made) at the Bodleian. In fact, she recently revealed to us on EerdWord that Brother Hugo is based on a self-portrait of a Benedictine monk she came across during her research who apparently added himself to the end of a beautiful manuscripts he was tasked with illuminating.

Not surprisingly, Katy admits to being raised by book nerds. It is hard to think of a better kind of family to come from. Her family was book-centered, her friendships were book-centered, and it is not surprising, then, that her career has been pretty bibliocentric as well. She currently teaches (often about books) at the University of Texas at Arlington. Often she is likened (and even likens herself) to the book-making medieval monks whom she studied in England, but an even more apt comparison might be made, given her appetites, with the book-eating bear who haunts her protagonist Brother Hugo.

Katy Beebe is the author of the newly released Brother Hugo and the Bear, illustrated by the brilliant and prolific S. D. Schindler. You can read all about Katy, Brother Hugo, and Katy's upcoming books at her website, katybeebe.com. She also has lots of wonderful resources for teachers and plenty to look at just for fun.


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