Our Father
Written by Barbara Nascimbeni and Rainer Oberthur
The Blue Jackal
Written by Dileep Joshi and Shobha Viswanath
Night Guard
Written by Stian Hole and Synne Lea
Written by Matt Ottley and Danny Parker
Samira and the Skeletons
Written by Camilla Kuhn
Mom, There's a Bear at the Door
Written by Sabine Lipan and Manuela Olten
One Big Family
Written by Marc Harshman and Sara Palacios

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There was no shortage of magical places in Ruth Sanderson's childhood. In the woods around "Cat Rock," it seemed like there must fairies flitting through the underbrush, and the curious, miniature cottages of a nearby abandoned theme park were the perfect size for dwarves. These places brought Sanderson's young imagination to life, and that imagination, combined with her artistic skill, has made her a beloved illustrator of fantasy books the world over.

Sanderson has worked as a professional illustrator since 1975, and she has now illustrated more than 80 children's books. Her newest project is a stunning new edition of The Golden Key, George MacDonald's classic fairy tale. The Golden Key has long been one of Sanderson's favorite tales, and after years of considering a picture book format, in 2011 she decided to retain the full narrative in a chapter book format, illustrating it throughout with dramatic scratchboard images.

For more about Ruth Sanderson, visit her website, where you can see previews of her art for The Golden Key. You can also purchase her earlier Eerdmans titles, including The Nativity and Saints: Lives and Illuminationshere on Eerdmans.com.

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