Anna's Heaven
Written by Stian Hole
The Geese March in Step
Written by Jean-Francois Dumont
A Less Than Perfect Peace
Written by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan
A Pond Full of Ink
Written by Sieb Posthuma and Annie M.G. Schmidt
The War within These Walls
Written by Aline Sax and Caryl Strzelecki
Little Naomi, Little Chick
Written by Avirama Golan and Raaya Karas
Friends of Liberty
Written by Beatrice Gormley
Ready and Waiting for You
Written by Judi Moreillon and Catherine Stock
A Girl Called Problem
Written by Katie Quirk

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Helen Cann

Helen Cann is a fine artist and illustrator, who collaborated with poet anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins for the book of Christmas poetry, Manger. On her website, she writes, “I've worked in studios of all shapes including a stable mews with a chocolaterie next door, an old co-op meat storage building complete with hooks still in the ceiling and currently above a milkshake shop in seaside Brighton, UK.” She is the illustrator of more than thirty books and winner of many awards, including Publishers Weekly’s 2002 Best Religion Books for Children and Bank Street College’s 2003 Best Children’s Books of the Year for Brigid’s Cloak (with Bryce Milligan).

Manger is a delightful take on the old legend that at midnight on Christmas Eve, all creatures are granted the ability to speak for one hour. This book brings together a collection of Christmas poems from the perspectives of the animals as they react in their characteristic ways. Helen Cann has carefully rendered beautifully detailed, lifelike animals for each poem, each animal face somehow filled with intelligence and personality. Her artwork is rich in color and composition — a feast for the eyes. You can view spreads from the book in the gallery on her website.


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